How To Celebrate The Capitalist Pig
(WITHOUT Stephen Knowing Yet!)

 April 24th
     5pm - 7:30pm
 Pursuit Of Profit HQ (Stephen’s office)
1940 S Bonito Way 
Suite 120
Meridian Idaho
Dear Friend,
If you would like to celebrate a birthday without stringent government intervention, then this is going to be the most exciting message you will ever read.

Here’s why: on April 22nd, Steve J Larsen (oink) was born. For quite some time, during college, he was dead broke. His business ideas were constantly leaving him near bankrupt and he couldn’t even pay the rent. Actually, he wasn’t just broke, he was desperate.

Then one day, he came up with a “crazy idea” about building funnels with this software made by Russell Brunson (it was not a kitchen appliance business) and make himself rich. And he knew just how to do it.
In 2016, the 2nd Funnel Hacking Live drew Stephen’s large eyeballs to San Diego. He did not have the cash to get there... well, he didn’t care. He traded funnels for event and plane tickets, bartered hotel nights for funnel builds, even pedaling around the bay with his luggage over his shoulder.
And so on.

What’s the bottom line? Simply this: before he even created the Capitalist Pig 2 Step + Free Shipping T-Shirt Funnel, Steve hoisted up his bootstraps, got resourceful, and MADE IT HAPPEN. And we are thanking him for all he has given us.



  • How To Celebrate Adam Smith’s Long-Lost Descendent Without Building A Funnel.
  • The Best Way To Ruin Your New Diet Progress.
  • The Beginner’s Hack To Eating Sugar On A Weekend.
  • The Under-The-Radar But Delicious Maple-Bacon Flavored Cake.
  • Give Us Your Time, And We’ll Give You A Gameshow… Guaranteed.
  • And If Anything, It’s A Valid Excuse To Dodge An Awkward Family Reunion.

Here’s What A Few Of Steve’s Pals Have To Say...

Do You Mind If We Overdeliver?

Here’s What You Get For Attending Steve’s Party...
  • A Lot Of Bacon ($9.97)
  • Cake With Bacon - Yes, It Does Work ($19.97)
  • Capitalist Pig Game Show ($997 Value)
  • The Steve Larsen Noises App ($1,997 Value)
  • ​A Chance To Show Steve What He Means To You... PRICELESS
Total Value: $3024
RSVP Today For $0!!!
From The Desk Of Capitalist Pig HQ…
Steve Larsen’s birthday party, comes with a 100% moneyback guarantee… but we don’t stop there. We promise you will see yourself as more of a Capitalist after this. Your friends will envy the heaviness of your wallet, and be completely stunned by how you can describe bacon as it’s own food pyramid, all in just one visit to Pursuit of Profit. 
If at any time, if you decide that socialism is a good idea and you want to blame your problems on everyone else, just let our support desk know - and we’ll give you a complete refund.
If you aren’t satisfied we would not feel right keeping your money, because we are true Capitalists here. And just to be clear, there are absolutely no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove and we promise we won’t question you about your new Marxist ideals. We won’t even ask for your cake back.

Here’s How To RVSP

Just respond to this text from Marley and let her know:

Yes, I Want To Attend Steve’s Amazing Party On April 24th
No, I Don’t Really Care About Steve Larsen.
You have two choices.
You can disregard this invitation and not get a chance to celebrate Steve’s contribution to your life...
You can come to the party to celebrate a really cool guy.
Here’s what you and I both know... on April 24th, you will certainly arrive. The question is where? That is your decision to make right now.
You can either come to the birthday party that screams “Self-Made”.
Or stay at home and go to that awkward family reunion.
P.S. In the time it took for you to read this invitation, you could have already RVSP’d to this amazing party and been first in line to show Steve your appreciation.
We’ll see you there.
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